Success Stories – Yvette Demente

Success Stories – Yvette Demente

Yvette enrolled with the Community Transition Program while inpatient at St. Luke’s Behavioral Health Center. At that time the family, despite not knowing exactly where to turn, displayed a unique determination to find the assistance and support they needed to improve the quality of the behavioral health care Yvette was receiving.

During the previous year Yvette had completed an intensive out-patient treatment process and had also been through several psychiatric hospitalizations, yet she still struggled to find and connect to key supports to help foster her resiliency. Through collaborative efforts with the Community Transition Program Yvette’s and her mother’s resolve began to strengthen.

She witnessed, first hand, her Community Transition Program Peer Transition Partner vigorously advocate for more appropriate, person-centered and family-centric services for her and her family. As she and her mother were assisted in gaining an increasingly clearer understanding of the behavioral health services landscape, so too increased was their desire to self-advocate for themselves.

Success Stories - Yvette Demente

Left-to-Right: Yvette, Vivian (Mother), Pearl (small dog), Autumn (big dog) and Suzanne (Sister.)

With the on-going support from the Community Transition Team, mom and daughter were eventually able to collaboratively advocate for appropriate modifications to Yvette’s medication regimen, a change to a more suitable clinic, and also were effective in enhancing Yvette’s level of services to an ACT Team. Ms. Demente then used her newly acquired systems insight and advocacy acumen to lead the challenge and guide the process for her other daughter to receive improved and enhanced behavioral health services.

Today both daughters are receiving services at the same PNO campus, with great case managers, doctors and clinical teams! Yvette has not needed to access crisis services since then, and is actively completing steps towards her long-term goals of becoming employed and purchasing a home with her mother and sister. Ms. Demente recent shared with this writer that she now has a vibrant desire to help other families “figure out this complex and valuable maze of services and supports.”

We applaud her willingness and desire to show others the way and will be there to assist her when asked.