Success Stories – Mary Mershon

Success Stories - Mary Mershon

We have our first success story of the Community Transition Program! Mary entered the CTP program on 12/30/14. Her peer support in the CTP program spent time with her while inpatient building rapport, and participated in her discharge planning with the St. Luke’s hospital staff and her clinical team. The peer support helped to give Mary a clear understanding of her housing options post discharge.

Success Stories - Mary MershonShe discharged from St. Luke’s on 1/9/15 and has not returned to inpatient treatment. She was discharged to a transitional living facility, and was supported through the transition by her peer support team. She continues medication management successfully. She advocates for herself strongly with her clinical team.

She has used the support of the CTP staff to build coping skills. She has been housed in scattered site housing and found a safe affordable apartment of her choice. Her peer support provided transport and assistance in locating the apartment. She is currently working on engagement in socialization, and working with her primary care physician to better her physical health.

She wanted to engage in EMDR therapy and has been educated by her peer support on how to work with her clinical team to start the referral process for this type of therapy. EMDR has been included in her service plan through the clinic.