Success Stories – Donald

Marc Success Story - Donald

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

“Collaboration is strength… where there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things are achieved.”

The notion embodied in this quote was definitely achieved with Donald’s story of success and on-going accomplishment. Donald has gained strength through collaboration. He has been working with Marc Community Resource’s Hope East and In-Home Support Programs since December of 2012 and has made tremendous collaborative strides in that time.

Donald first came to the Hope Program with a number of challenges that placed him at-risk of losing his housing due to health and safety concerns around cleaning and keeping his apartment free of clutter and build ups of trash.

His Hope East Recovery Coach linked him to the In-home Supports Program as his are precisely the type of challenges this team is skilled at helping people overcome. Through the combined efforts put forth by Donald and the two Marc CR Programs he gained the skills and insight required to overcome these challenges.

Through the support of the Recovery Coaches on both teams Donald’s insight developed, which contributed to his ability to acknowledge and better understand the barriers he faced. The Recovery Coaches helped him further hone the tools he needed to be successful. They supported him as he began to discover that he possessed the resilience and wherewithal to meet these barriers head-on.

With the support and encouragement of his coaches Donald’s motivation and determination strengthened to the point that he became able to begin clearing the clutter and trash from his apartment and eventually transform it into a living space that no longer placed him at-risk.

Donald also continues working with his In-home Support team to reduce his blood pressure and cholesterol by learning healthy shopping skills and how to make healthy meals. Donald has since successfully graduated the Hope East Program, but his journey of hope, growth and discovery is on-going as he continues to collaborate with the In-home Support Program to further his goals and accomplishments.

Donald now lives in a home he can be proud of instead of being sick and homeless on the streets on Mesa. Teamwork DEFINITELY Makes the Dream Work!