Quick Update from Marc CEO, John Moore

Quick Update from Marc CEO John Moore

John Moore, President & CEO

John Moore, President & CEO

I have some exciting news. With the full support of the Board of Directors and executive leadership, Marc is being assertive about creating a highly successful fundraising capability to reduce our reliance on government funding.  This permanent and ongoing effort started several months ago with the hiring of Norm Duve as our Chief Development Officer.  The goal is not just to survive, but to thrive.  Thriving means Marc has the money to replicate our programs in under-served areas throughout Maricopa County and other parts of Arizona.  Thriving means providing staff with competitive wages, affordable benefits and merit increases that reward hard work and excellence.

Creating a high performing fundraising capacity does not happen overnight.  There will be some short-term successes over the next 12 months, but it may take years to achieve this “thrive mode” that I make reference to.  While it will take time, I want every employee to share the same exciting vision of a prosperous future and energetic organization that can inspire us all to continue the amazing work that is done every day at Marc.  I pledge to commit my time, talents and resources to ensure success and I asking for your dedicated commitment as well.

In order for Marc’s fundraising efforts to be a success, your enthusiastic support and involvement will be necessary.  It is as important for Marc to “friendraise” as it is to fundraise.  We need to dramatically grow the number of people that are the “friends of Marc;” those passionately connected to our mission, vision and values.

What Can You Do?

We can no longer keep silent about the amazing, life-changing outcomes that you create every day for individuals, families and communities.   I encourage all employees to take full credit for what you do by regularly documenting and sharing service recipient success stories with Norm’s team so that they, with proper consents, can broadcast the stories through all available media sources.  By doing so, you will be an active participant in the drive to thrive.  Here are some other important ways to contribute:

  • Participate in the events or offer to volunteer for the events where you are able
  • Share your fundraising ideas with Norm Duve
  • While you may not be able to give a tax credit donation, you may know lots of people that can (neighbors, relatives, individuals you socialize or worship with, etc). You can direct people to our website for information and questions (show link here to materials) or have them contact Norm Duve at duve@marccr.com.
  • Tell people what you do and invite the people you know to come take a tour of our programs.

With Norm’s team and your help to get the message out, our community will enthusiastically invest in Marc to accelerate, replicate and multiply the positive outcomes that together we create every day.

Thank you for you continued commitment to Marc.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” (Helen Keller)