Marc receives Recovery and Resilience ‘RISE’ Award

Inaugural RISE Awards recognize resilience, innovation, service and empowerment

Members, providers and advocates earned top honors at Mercy Maricopa’s first-ever RISE Awards ceremony in April. The event was an opportunity for the behavioral-health community to celebrate its many successes.

RISEMarc Community Resources, Trinity Adult Medicine and PSA Art Awakenings were recognized for their dedication and hard work on behalf of members, families and the entire behavioral health community.  Individuals from Recovery Innovations, Trinity Adult Medicine and Foundation for Senior Living also received awards for their innovative and transformative work.

The RISE awards were handcrafted by artists at PSA Art Awakenings. Watch the Creating the Rise Awards video to see how PSA artists created these clay sculptures under the direction of artist-in-residence Antonio Pasos.

About 200 people packed the Parsons Health and Wellness Center on April 29 for the awards ceremony. Mental health attorney and longtime advocate Chick Arnold served as master of ceremonies.

Mercy Maricopa CEO Eddy D. Broadway and Board Chairman Matthew Cox presented Arnold with a special lifetime achievement award, a well-deserved honor that drew a standing ovation from the crowd.

The eight youth, adults and providers who won awards were selected from a list of more than 30 nominees.

The winners, in each category:

Recovery and Resilience
Youth: Austin Daley
Adult: Gloria Abril, advocate and caregiver
Provider: John Moore, Marc Community Resources

Health and Wellness
Youth: Jackson McAuliff
Adult: Aaron Foster, Recovery Innovations
Provider: Dr. Rodd Aking, Trinity Adult Medicine

Youth: None nominated
Adult: Alicia Gonzales, Foundation for Senior Living
Provider: Sara Marriott, PSA Art Awakenings

The RISE Awards are sponsored by Mercy Maricopa’s Board of Directors to recognize providers, adults and youth who are helping to transform the system through resilience, innovation, service and empowerment.

When Mercy Maricopa asked people to nominate others, the community response was amazing. People nominated caregivers, clients, family members and advocates from a variety of organizations with diverse backgrounds. All of them were strong contenders.

Here is a list of the 2015 RISE Award semifinalists:

Katelyn Swift
Aaliah Smith

Kristina Sabetta, CHEEERS
Dawn Wallschlaeger, therapeutic foster care supervisor
Dick Geasland, MIKID
Marc Saklak, CHOICES
Jessia Minnifield-Hartzler, Child and Family Support Services
Rene Kuehne, parent and caregiver
Kathie Kelling, Evoking Greatness
David Fraijo, Evoking Greatness
Hayley Winterberg, project coordinator, Inter-Growth
Dawn Schoenstadt, Family Involvement Center
Cheryl Anderson, Marc Community Resources
Lisa St. George, Recovery Innovations
John Schwartz, CHEEERS
Patricia Hanning, CHEEERS
Dominic Martinez, Terros
Sonnet Sharpe, CHEEERS
Gaye Tolman, Recovery Empowerment Network
Morgan Cox, S.T.A.R.

Dr. Bronislava Shafran, Arizona Age Reversal Neurology
Crisis Preparation and Recovery
Kimberly Craig, Center for Hope
Ehren Werntz, Arizona Autism United
Dr. Kent Eller, Southwest Network
New Horizons Youth Homes
Touchstone Behavioral Health

~ Content reprinted from the Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care provider newsletter.

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