John Moore, President & CEO

John Moore, President & CEO

You may have heard that Randy Gray retired on June 30, 2015 after 40 years of service at Marc Community Resources, Inc. (Marc) and that I will take over the position of President & CEO. A natural question to ask is, “who is this John Moore and how will this transition impact Marc?”

To answer this two-part question, let me start with who I am. In terms of credentials, I have an accounting degree, a CPA license, a finance MBA and have over 30 years of audit, accounting and finance experience. Since 2001, I have been Marc’s Chief Financial Officer, working closely with Randy Gray, Marc’s board of directors and both program and support leadership.

In terms of leadership transition, while this is clearly an historic event in the life of our agency, don’t expect dramatic change. Marc is a nationally recognized agency that, thanks to a compassionate and dedicated workforce, has a great reputation with state funding sources such as the Division of Developmental Disabilities and Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care. My goal is to find new and innovative ways to further enhance our services and outcomes in ways that create a distinctive identity in the eyes of our service recipients, families, communities and funding sources.

Specifically, my focus will be in the follow areas:

  • Celebrating Performance, Continuous improvement and Outcomes: The product that Marc produces is not programs or services. Our products are the life-changing outcomes that we deliver, including the acquisition of skills, self-sufficiency, independence and employment. We need to encourage and celebrate the achievement of these outcomes and reward employees that actively engage individuals to achieve their personal goals.


  • Navigating Change: The human service industry will see unprecedented change in the next few years driven by new state laws, additional federal regulations, newly elected officials, payment reform, funding cuts and mandated changes to programs and services. Marc’s board and management team will be working hard to position our agency to lead and succeed during this system transformation.


  • Building Awareness of Marc to further our mission goals: I sometimes hear from people outside of Marc that our agency is the best kept secret in the valley. In order to make a greater impact for people who have disabilities, we, together, must build awareness about how Marc’s services change lives, families and communities.


  • Strengthening the connection and relationship between employees, departments and the agency: Marc has over 80 service locations and many have just a few employees. Without concerted effort, it can be difficult to sustain internal relationships and is easy to get disconnected from our mission, our successes and our strategic initiatives. It is also easy to lose sight of how our individual jobs contribute to changing lives and creating something sustainable. Despite our size, our family values demand that we promote better communication and positive relationships among all parts of the agency.


  • Advocating for our employees, families and the individuals we serve: In addition to providing services, Marc is well known as a fierce advocate for individuals who have disabilities. My commitment to you is that Marc’s leadership team will continue to engage with citizens, business leaders and city, state and federal government officials in order to fight for what is good for our employees, families and the people we serve.


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