ERS Behavioral Health

ERS Behavioral Health

Marc Community Resources assists people in finding work by utilizing Supported Employment principles

◆ Consumer choice No one is excluded from participating.
◆ Integrated services Employment specialists closely coordinate with your clinical team and important people who support you to reach your goals.
◆ Competitive jobs Employment Specialists help you find a job in the open labor market that pays you minimum wage or better that anyone could have, regardless of their disability status.
◆ Benefits counseling Employment specialists help you to understand your benefits while you are working. Most people are able to work and continue to receive some benefits.
◆ Timely support Employment specialists help people look fir jobs with the goal of contacting an employer within 30 days of starting work.
◆ Continuous support Once a job is found, employment specialists provide ongoing support to help you keep your job and assist you with any challenges.
◆ Individual preferences Choices about work are based on your preferences, strengths, and experiences.



Director: Paula Fernandez – 480/241-0481
Program Manager: Nicole Eastin – 480/828-4583

Supported Employment helps people find and keep meaningful jobs in the community. Employment Specialists at Marc work with individuals utilizing the principles of Supported Employment including consumer choice, integrated services, competitive jobs, benefits counseling, timely support, continuous support, and individual preferences. Employment Specialists will assist a person in finding work they want to do and will provide support to help each person keep their job. Employment Specialists will also help a person find new employment opportunities if they desire a change in their current situation.


Director: Paula Fernandez – 480/241-0481

Paid work activities are designed to help a person who struggles to believe that work is a possibility, develop stamina, tolerance, and confidence about community employment.

Many of our staff are recovery coaches who understand the challenges of making a decision to return to work and will assist each person’s vocational recovery.

Paid work activities are both facility and community based.


Marc provides a variety of opportunities to assist individuals with skills that increase employment opportunities in the jobs of their choice. Skill acquisition opportunities include clerical training, document imaging, machine operations, and warehouse training.


Other vocational services which can be utilized separately or as part of a preferred program include interview skills, resume writing, skills management, conflict resolution, benefits and work, ADA accommodations, etc.


Teacher: Kim Larsh – 480/969-3800 ext. 952
Teacher: Beth MacDonald – 480/586-7210

Marc’s living skills labs provide a learning environment to assist individuals with identified skills deficits to increase their knowledge and skill set. Learning activities are designed to help a person increase their independence on the community by utilizing newly acquired skills.


  • Mesa Library Coffee Cart
  • Mesa Public Schools Gum Removal.
  • Bashas’ Grocery Stores (Mesa)
  • PIR Snack Shops
    • Arrowhead
    • East Valley
    • West Valley
  • Ovations Cubs’ Spring Training Games (Mesa)
  • St. Mary’s Food Bank (Phoenix)



  • Janitorial
  • Clerical
  • General receptionist and other training
  • Computer software training Office 2010
  • Payroll reporting and filing



  • Shrink Wrap machines
  • Blister Pak machines
  • Skin packaging machines
  • Electronic Components
  • Forklift training and certification



  • Document preparation
  • Scanning
  • Electronic filing
  • Document management