Outpatient Services


Director: Adalesa Meek 480.969.3800 x 294

The Outpatient Center provides behavioral health interventions that assist adults in achieving optimal functioning in their personal lives and community. Most services are designed to be short-term in nature and build upon an individual’s strengths and resources, as well as to activate community supports while minimizing behavioral crisis and a recurrence of symptoms. Treatment frequency, modality and length of stay will vary by individual needs. Services may be provided in the office or off-site settings and address substance abuse, general mental health, crisis planning and skill building. Services include coordination of care.


The three Outpatient Treatment Centers provide individual and group counseling and psycho-education that may vary in level of intensity.  Therapies include
medication, DBT, EMDR, CBT and other therapies.

SAIL (Steps to Achieve Independent Living Program)

(Steps to Achieve Independent Living Program) Actively engaging and assisting young adults to discover, articulate and achieve their educational, vocational
and social goals.