Health & Wellness Program

Health & Wellness Program

Marc Community Resources, Inc’s Health and Wellness Program focuses on individuals with mental illness. Physical and behavioral health professionals agree that providing better integration and coordination of care is the primary solution to this problem. Integrated care is a service that coordinates physical and behavioral health services to more fully address the spectrum of problems that individuals bring to their primary medical care/ behavioral health providers.  Based on the simple premise that people with mental illness can choose healthier lifestyles when the services are conveniently available, customized to each individual, and connected with the person’s other physical and mental health services. The Health & Wellness program includes a Chief Wellness Officer, Certified Fitness Specialists and trained Peer Support Specialists to perform fitness assessments, program design, and supervision of individualized fitness programs to improve an individual’s ability to perform activities of daily living and manage physical health conditions.  In addition, a Registered Nurse to provide a variety of health screenings on-site to program participants, including the following: blood pressure, body fat, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and cardio respiratory endurance. Two locations center city and a second in the east valley.

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Cheryl Anderson, Director of Recovery Support Services  (602) 550-0158 –

Donna Suarez, Manager of Health & Wellness (480) 532 3655 –