Q: I logged on to a different machine and I can’t get my e-mail through outlook.

A: Currently our security policy states that e-mail will be set up on only one machine per user through Microsoft Outlook. This means that your outlook settings are not set for roaming; or do not follow you from machine to machine. One way around this is to access your e-mail through the Marc Community Resources, Inc. web page. Open your web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer) and type in the following URL into the address bar (without the quotes), then enter your username and password for authentication and security. Now you are logged onto your e-mail through the web and you should be able to read, respond and compose e-mail messages.

Q: I received a message that I have so many days to change my password. Do I have to do it right away or can I wait to the last day?

A: When it gets within 15 days of your password expiring, you will receive a message upon logging in. The message states that you have 14 days to change your password; 14 since you are on day 15 already. Every day after, the number of days will decrease by one; 13, 12, 11, and so on. It is best practice to change your password before you reach one, because after one, the account is locked out and you do not have the opportunity to change it. If your account is locked out, you must contact the Marc Community Resources, Inc. IT department so that they can unlock the account and reset your password to a standard password that you will have to change after your next login.

Q: What are the requirements for my password?

A: Our current security requirements for your password are as follows. – The password must contain a minimum of six characters and a maximum of 18. – The password must contain a minimum of one numeral. – The password must contain a minimum of one uppercase character. – The password must contain a minimum of one punctuation or “special character” (i.e. @ ! # $ A & *) – The password cannot be your first or last name. – The password must be changed every 60 days. – The changed password cannot be an extension of the previous password (i.e. if the previous password was M@rcC3n73r, the new password cannot be M@rcC3n73rl) it must be a complete change.

Q: Who do I contact when I have an IT problem?

A: Unless the matter is urgent and completely hinders your work and there is no other temporary solution, please let your supervisor know of your situation. Your supervisor has the ability to make requests to the IT department through our IT ticket System (MPulse). If the situation is dire; such as a locked out account, please contact the Marc Community Resources, Inc. IT department. You can reach them through either e-mail;, or through the 24 hour helpdesk number; (480) 222-3201. If you dial the number and no one answers, please leave a message with your name, department, supervisor name and your situation. An IT staff member will return your call as soon as possible.

Q: What is the U: Drive located inside “My Computer”?

A: The U: Drive is a networked mapped drive that will follow your account no matter which computer you login to. The U: Drive specifically is a personal user space drive. It is commonly 100 Megabytes large and is accessible only by yourself, or the IT department as requested. The U: Drive is backed-up nightly and should be used to store private, critical or commonly used documents.

Q: What is the N: Drive located inside “My Computer”?

A: The N: Drive is a networked mapped drive that will follow your account no matter which computer you login to. The N: Drive specifically is a networked shared drive amongst your department only. Members of different departments do not have access to the files located in your departments drive, unless so requested by a user who has the rights to make such a suggestion.

Q: What is the S: Drive located inside “My Computer”?

A: The S: Drive is a networked mapped drive that will follow your account no matter which computer you login to. The S: Drive specifically is community shared drive for the whole company. It has files and documents used through out the company that can be attained by any employee. Most of the S: drive is read-only, which means that the documents cannot be altered but only downloaded so that you can alter them your self and save the altered document on your own machine. Some examples of these documents are Marc Community Resources, Inc. forms and schedules.

Q: How do I access my e-mail from home?

A: Open any web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera…), and enter the address This will take you to Marc Community Resources, Inc. homepage. From here, click on the EMPLOYEES ONLY link. You will be asked for your user name and password, it is the same one that you use to logon to your Marc CR computer. You should now be in the employee’s only area. There is another link within this area called Marc CR E-Mail. For security reasons, you will be asked to enter your user name and password again. You are now logged into the Marc Community Resources, Inc. webmail page. From here you can check your e-mail, schedule calendar appointments and many other tasks normally done by your desktop e-mail client.

Q: What is my “User Name”?

A: Your “User Name” is the name used to access Marc Community Resources, Inc. technical resources. Most commonly it is the name used to logon to your computer and e-mail from the web. The syntax for the “User Name” consists of your first name, a period, and then your last name. For an example, John Smith’s user name would be john.smith.

Q: What does “Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete” mean?

A: this is the keyboard combination that is used to do multiple functions with Microsoft Windows, the most common of which is logging on to your system. “Ctrl”, “Alt” and “Del” are all keys on your keyboard. To perform this action, hold down the “Ctrl” and “Alt” keys on your keyboard; they are located at the bottom left hand side of your keyboard, and then hit the delete key on your keyboard. Once the function is complete, release all keys.

Q: What is my e-mail address?

A: Your Marc Community Resources, Inc. e-mail address is your username followed by “”. As an example, John Smith’s e-mail address would be, “”.

Q: How do I make an IT request?

A: The Marc Community Resources, Inc. IT department uses a web based request system called MPulse. You can access the MPulse system by going to the Marc CR Employee’s Only page; see “How do I access the Employees Only FAQ for details, and clicking on the “Maintenance, Vehicle or IT request” link. This will take you to the logon screen for the MPulse system. From here you have to enter you’re your account name and password; unique to the MPulse system (Not your Marc CR user name and password), and select the MARC_IT database. Not every employee has the permissions required to make an IT request. If you do not have these permissions, or unsure if you do, contact your direct supervisor for questions or for them to make the request for you.

Q: My computer says I have a virus, what should I do?

A: If your computer says that it has found a virus, follow these three basic steps.

  1. Write down the name of the virus as it appears in the window that informed you that you may have a virus.
  2. Shutdown the computer so that the virus cannot potentially spread to another computer.
  3. Contact the Marc Community Resources, Inc. IT department immediately.

If you cannot get a hold of an IT representative but you’re able to leave a voice message, do so. In the message state your name, department, location of the computer and a number to contact you back. If you have the name of the virus; as described in the first step, give this information as well.

Q: How do I change my password online?

A: Use the online Password Management system located right underneath the Employees only button on the Marc Community Resources, Inc. homepage. (

Q: How do I enroll in the online Password Management system?

A: Click HERE then Logon to the system using your Marc Community Resources, Inc. user logon (firstname.lastname), then when prompted to setup your secrete questions, choose YES. From there you will be asked to select three unique questions from the question drop down lists and enter corresponding answers. For example one question might be “What is your favorite color?” to which you could respond with whatever favorite color is. All answers must be a minimum of 5 characters, so if your favorite color is red, please select a different question. Once you have selected the three questions, click on the SAVE button. You are now enrolled in the system. From here you have the option to either “Change Password”; located in the upper right hand corner of the management page, or “Sign Out”; located at the top of the welcome page. Now that you’re enrolled in the system, you can manage your passwords all by yourself. If you forget your password, you can simply go to the Password Management page, and select the “Forgot Your Password?” button. You will be asked to answer the questions that you had previously chosen and then asked to reset your password. The same goes if you have entered the wrong password in more then three times and your account is locked out. Simply choose the “Is Your Account Locked Out?” button and again answer your pre-selected questions. It’s that simple! If you ever want to change your questions, you can do so by logging into the system and click on “Reset Q&A” located right next to the “Sign Out” button at the top of the welcome page. In order to register, your account must currently be in good standing. If your account is already locked out or you do not know/remember your current password, please contact the IT department so that they can assist you in enrolling you into the new system.

Q: I have changed my name. How do I get a new username and e-mail address?

A: An IT request ticket must be made through the ShareMarc request ticket system, if you do not have rights to make a request ticket, please contact your supervisor and have them make one. The request ticket needs to identify the current username and e-mail address; as well as any pseudonyms that may be in use, and what the new name change will be. Please note the usernames are based upon the name given to the Marc Community Resources, Inc. Human Resources department and corresponds with your accounting information, so these must be changed first before IT can make any changes in the system. Your old e-mail address will stay active alongside your new address for 30 days. This gives ample time to update any contacts of your new e-mail address.

For after hours support please call: 480-222-3201.
To make an IT Request go the Marc Employee only page and choose the IT Request button.