Intellectual/Developmental Disability Services


Contact: Janey Durham, Senior Executive Vice President
Email: | Phone: 480-969-3800 Ext. 278
Contact: Holly Collins, Senior Executive Vice President
Email: | Phone: 480-969-3800 Ext. 239

Since 1957, Marc has been providing services to those who have a intellectual, developmental disability. These services are individually designed, driven by preference and choice, and provide the necessary supports to ensure program success. To be eligible, individuals must have documentation supporting a diagnosis of a severe, chronic disability which is attributable to cognitive disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy or autism and have manifested before age 18. These individuals must have substantial functional limitations in three or more of the major life activities: self-care, receptive and expressive language, learning, mobility, self-direction, capacity for independent living and economic self-sufficiency. Marc serves children and adults who have a developmental disability.

Marc also serves seniors who have a disability and income qualify per the Area Agency on Aging. These seniors wish to remain living in their home in their later years; however, they require assistance with their daily living skills to accomplish their wish. Marc provides direct care staff who can assist with personal care and housekeeping.

Community Day Services (DTA)

Community Day Services (DTA) is designed to assist an individual to optimize their personal, social and employment competencies to live successfully in the community. Community Day Services provides community integration opportunities chosen by each individual attending and provides educational opportunities to increase daily living skills, social skills, use/availability of community resources, entitlements, pre-vocational skills, community awareness and involvement. The frequency and depth of these activities are chosen by the person served, based on their desires, expected outcomes and preferences. Individuals participate in a variety of community activities including but not limited to volunteering at other organizations, enjoying recreational activities, increasing social skills, broadening educational activities and enjoying what their community has to offer. Marc now has two day programs with special senior programs for those over age 40 or for those who prefer a quieter environment.
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Community Living Services (Residential Group Homes)

Community Living Services (Residential Group Homes ) are provided in partnership with people who have disabilities to become as self-sufficient as possible within a home environment and in their community. Services and supports are focused on home and community integration, engagement in productive activities, lifespan issues, and the person’s needs, strengths, abilities, and preferences. Small, 3-5 person group homes settings, integrated within community neighborhoods provide an alternative living situation for individuals served by Marc. Services focus on orientation to community, health and wellness education, menu planning and meal preparation, environmental safety, advocacy and decision-making, and maintaining a home. Marc’s Community Living Services provides 24/7 supervision. For more information – click HERE!

In-Home Support Services (ATC, Respite, Hab)

In-Home Support Services (ATC, Respite, Hab) offers a broad range of services designed to support and assist children, adults and the elderly in their own homes. These services include attendant care, housekeeping, habilitation, educational support, respite, and personal care. Services are chosen by the person served, at the frequency the person served desires and needs, by direct care staff chosen by the person served, and units authorized by the various funding sources, including the Area Agency on Aging (AAoA), United Healthcare, Healthnet and the Division of Developmental Disabilities. Many of the IHS services are done in Maricopa and Pinal County as well as operations ranging from Flagstaff to Globe. For more information – click HERE!

Individually Designed Living Arrangements (IDLA)

Individually Designed Living Arrangements (IDLA) are services conducted in the home of the person served. The home is owned or leased by the person served. The person served is responsible for all home costs including utilities, rent and repairs. Marc is the service labor force authorized to provide services designed by the individual and their team of professionals.

Adult & Child Developmental Homes (Host Homes)

Adult & Child Developmental Homes (Host Homes) services are specialized foster care for individuals under a provider contract to Marc. Marc recruits, trains and licenses these foster home providers giving guidance and case management services to the individual living in a Host Home. Each specialized foster home can have up to three individuals they serve and all become members of the family. They vacation as a family, use community resources as a family and do recreation as a family. For more information – click HERE!

Elder Care

Elder Care services are offered in the individual’s own home and allow the individual to remain living in their familiar surroundings. Services include personal care, housekeeping, attendant care, and respite. These services are funded through the Area Agency on Aging, United Healthcare and Healthnet. For more information – click HERE!

Employment Related Services (ERS)

Employment Related Services (ERS) is committed to helping people who have disabilities expand their independence by obtaining and maintaining employment. This is achieved through a variety of training models to include but not limited to, career planning, pre-employment training, computer training, document imaging training, community and center based “real” work training and job development and placement. For more information – click HERE!

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a methodology that incorporates basic behavioral principles such as, positive reinforcement; prompting; shaping and generalization, that directly impacts the child’s or adult’s development of language, socialization, and reduction in maladaptive behaviors. This methodology uses techniques such as discrete trial training and systematic data collection to guide treatment planning. ABA is a safe and well-researched evidence based approach to working with children and adults. Services include detailed assessments, goal and methodology developmental, follow-along, staff training and continued guidance. ABA is an objective discipline which focuses on the reliable measurement and objective evaluation of observable behavior. For more information – click HERE!