In-Home Support Services

(Respite, Attendant/Personal Care, Habilitation)

In-Home Support Services In-Home Support Services offers home-based services in a home owned or leased by the individual or his/her family. The home-based services are provided for individuals who have disabilities of all ages. Families with infants, toddlers and school-aged children may receive supports in the home for their child who has a disability in the same manner as families who have adult children and/or family members with disabilities who continue to live in the traditional group home. These services are also provided to adults who have disabilities and who live independently in the community and require minimal intermittent staffing support in order to maintain their independent lifestyle in the community. Individuals may be referred for services by public funding sources, advocacy groups, or through community based referrals. However, a preponderance of referrals is from the word of mouth of those served and families who are satisfied with the services that they receive and refer others who have needs similar to their own.

Types of Services include:

• Respite
• Habilitation
• Attendant Care
• Personal Care
• Housekeeping

In-Home Support Services In-Home Support Services


In-Home Support ServicesIndividuals who participate in In-Home Support Services get what they need at the frequency they need it in order to keep the family intact and allow the individual adult to become an active member in their community. Going to restaurants, ball games, parks, community meetings, and voting are just a few examples of Habilitation. The ultimate goal is for the individual to achieve full satisfaction with where they live and how they are included as member of the community.

If you are interested in In-Home Support Services, please contact the
In-Home Services Director at 480-969-3800 Ext. 117 or 119