Community Living Services

Community Living Services

Community Living Services

Residential Group Homes

While we know that living with family is best, there comes a time when the family needs additional help with the daily care of a loved one. Sometimes the person is interested in getting their own space where they have more freedom and peers to socialize with. We encourage you to consider having your family member receive Community Living Services at a Marc group home. A Marc group home is so much more than a residential facility with staff — it’s a home that provides loving, compassionate care. We pride ourselves on providing a clean, well decorated environment that is warm and cheerful and feels like our own homes. In coordination with the funding source and the Individual Service Plan team, we determine the amount of daily support required to meet the behavioral, medical, social, and developmental needs of the person. We’ll create with you a plan to help your family member continue to grow and develop as a person. We hope you’ll agree that Marc is the next best thing to home. We invite you to come tour any one of our homes to see why so many people are happy to call Marc home.

Marc homes embrace person-centered supports which are established to promote what a person wants, needs and desires for an enriched quality of life. Marc staff are partners with the individual and their loved ones, designing community inclusion and engagement in productive activities. Individual choice is respected and the right to privacy and dignity is honored. The individuals are encouraged to treat the home as if it is their own by decorating, having guests and planning activities they chose. All individuals are ensured of their right to have privacy in sending and receiving mail and telephone calls, and living their life in a manner consistent with their personal, cultural or religious beliefs.

Community Living Services

A primary goal of our Community Living Services is to maximize the independence of our residents. To that end, professionally trained staff is available to help the residents learn new skills and fully participate in day-to-day activities including cooking, money management, house cleaning, self-care, laundry, shopping, and other community involvement & activities.

Marc homes are not like those of other providers and we challenge you to find a more comfortable, livable, blended home in any neighborhood by another provider. Our residences are physically integrated into the neighborhoods and every effort is made to ensure our homes approximate other homes in the neighborhood. If a wheelchair van is not parked in the driveway, you would not know our homes from our neighbors. That is how Marc likes it.

CLS - Falcon Field

Marc’s network of group homes located throughout the valley is home to 100 adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. We serve individuals from diverse backgrounds and disabilities, including those who are medically fragile and/or use wheelchairs. Our staff must be 21 years of age or greater, have completed more than 76 hours of initial training in addition to 12 hours of training annually. They typically possess a minimum of a high school diploma, GED or have more than 3 years of experience caring for someone with a disability. Marc’s staff are friendly and supportive of our residents, model a lifestyle of dignity and respect our residents so they may maximize their independence in a secure and nurturing environment. Many of our home supervisors have been with Marc for more than 10 years, some as much as 24 years. This provides stability to residents and their families, ensuring continuity of care.

CLS - Falcon Field

Falcon Field

Marc’s group homes are staffed Monday – Friday 2pm to 8 am the following morning. Home staff are off duty between 8 am and 2 pm, Monday – Friday. Staff come on duty on Friday’s at 2 pm and staff coverage continues through Monday morning at 8 am, using 8-12 hour shifts typically. Residents participate in community activities with home staff as their individual finances allows. Marc staff seek out inexpensive or free community activities for those with limited funds as well. The community has been generous over the 59 years of Marc’s existence with donations of professional ball game tickets, admission to zoos, museums, art displays and plays so our individuals can taste a variety of culture and activity.

Residents enjoy a family style dinner in the homes nightly prepared by the residents and staff together. Everyone eats around the dining tables of our homes like a family with an emphasis on socializing and etiquette. Our nutritionist/wellness coaches provide training and guidance, as needed, to our diverse staff on balanced meals, meal preparation, culturally relevant food choices for residents and most importantly nutrition. Marc encourages all residents to participate in wellness, nutrition and exercise to ensure strong health into the future. Nothing like fresh air for exercising!

CLS - Strolling the Park

Strolling the Park

CLS - Enjoying the Community Pools

Enjoying the Community Pools

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