Benefit Specialist Program


Director: Billy Ludwick 623.570.7741

Program Coordinator: Camille Ruiz 480.352.1584

A Benefit Specialist will meet with people on an individual basis to discuss and assist them with applying for benefits. They ask/interview participants a few questions related to household income, and expenses to narrow down what AHCCCS program would be best. After assisting in the application processes they assist in obtaining/scanning/ and uploading the request (by DES/AHCCCS) documentation to ensure it is attached to the actual application. Individuals can also inquire about Social Security Administration applications or process.

A Benefit Specialist can assist in submitting a general SSDI application, scheduling an appointment for SSI applications with a SSA representative or if person chooses the Benefit Specialist supply a list of SSA Lawyer for further assistance. Federal Marketplace may also be an option for some people. The basic application can be completed with the Benefits Specialists, or an appointment can be made for a participant to see a Marketplace Navigator who can assist with more of the procedures when applying. In addition, Benefits Specialists assist with general resources for everyday essentials from utility payment assistance, prescription assistance, and more.

Individuals who would like to become enrolled in this service need to be enrolled in the Regional Behavioral Health Authority in Maricopa County, be at least 18 years of age and can either be Title 19 or Non-Title 19 eligible. Call today and see how we can assist you.

Hours of operation: Monday – Friday | 8am – 5pm
Extended hours in the evenings and weekends are available.