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Job Opening: FT- BHS Receptionist

NOW HIRING: FT Receptionist –

Meet the unique needs of adults who have substance abuse problems, are seriously mentally ill, or have co-occurring disorders. Schedule transportation for clients and verify prior to appointment day. (more…)

Job Opening: Billing Claims Manager

NOW HIRING: Billing Claims Manager –

Summary of Position:

Oversees the day-to-day operations of the billing department to ensure accuracy and complete billing processes within the organization.  (more…)

Job Opening: Board Certified Behavior Analyst

NOW HIRING: Board Certified Behavior Analyst –

The Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) is responsible for conducting functional behavior assessments and the design and implementation of individualized behavior support plans for individuals receiving services at Marc Community Resources. (more…)

Job Opening: Positive Behavior Support Specialist

NOW HIRING: Positive Behavior Support Specialist –

Positive Behavior Support Specialists provide quality services to enhance individuals with disabilities living an everyday lifestyle.  Services are provided in community based homes, apartment living, day programs, work related programs, in the family home, and in the community. (more…)

Job Opening: Program Coordinator

NOW HIRING: Program Coordinator –

The Program Coordinator is trained to assist participants establish links with community resources, employment, health & wellness and recovery and resiliency based lifestyles. (more…)

Job Opening: Family Support Partners/ Family Support Program

NOW HIRING: Family Support Partners/ Family Support Program –

Supports and enhances practices that will improve family functioning and improve family ability to effectively interact and care for their loved ones while fully incorporating the nine guiding principles for recovery (more…)

Success Stories – Orlando

Success Stories – Orlando

Success Stories – Orlando

Orlando’s personality is a unique combination of gratitude, humility and competitiveness. This intriguing collection of character traits was formed over many years of growth and development. For Orlando, these traits are best exemplified in how he approaches his favorite hobby, competitive running.

He began running competitively in 2012 after he joined the Marc CR Wellness Center where he was first introduced to the value and importance of fitness and physical wellness. This occurred while he was living in one of Marc CR’s residential housing programs. Over the past several years Orlando has competed in nearly a dozen running competitions beginning with a couple 5K runs in 2012, the 2013 Walk and Row Competition, the Graffiti Run in 2014, the 2015 Warrior Dash Obstacle Course, and two more 5K runs this year.

What makes these events even more important is that Orlando dedicates his participation in each of these events to someone who has touched his life and inspired him in his recovery journey. For example, he dedicated this year’s Warrior’s Dash Obstacle Course to an employee at the Marc CR Wellness Center who he says has supported and encouraged him for quite some time. He says he finds that he competes more intensely when, “I’m running for someone who means a lot to me”.

The same was true when he dedicated his participation in the spring 2014 Kickball Tournament of Champions to his kickball coach, another individual who inspired and motivated him early on in his recovery journey. Orlando was a team captain for that Marc CR squad and, oh, by the way, Marc CR took home the championship trophy that day!

Orlando has managed to apply his competitive spirit and determination toward achieving a number of goals that have greatly enhanced his recovery journey. Last year he successfully graduated from Marc CR’s State Certified Peer Support Training Program and was soon thereafter hired as a wellness coach at the very same Marc CR Wellness Center where his passion for fitness and physical wellness was first sparked.

Yet another of Orlando’s passions is creating art. Since 2008 he’s been in involved with the PSA Behavioral Health Art Awakenings Program where he works toward empowerment and recovery through creative expression. Orlando recently graduated from the “art studios program” and now actually rents gallery space at the Art Awakenings “Warehouse Studio” which is a space that provides artists who have graduated from the program the opportunity to develop their artistic skills and maintain wellness at a more independent level of self-sufficiency and also display and sell their artwork.

Nowadays Orlando divides his time between working as a Marc CR wellness coach, creating art projects at his gallery space at Art Awakenings, and as a student at Phoenix College where he is taking art classes. His ultimate dream is to someday work as a professional artist. Looks like Orlando is well on his way to making his dream a reality.

Job Opening: Transitional Facilitator

NOW HIRING: Transitional Facilitator –

Conduct strength based needs assessments related to transitioning youth though the SAIL Program. Coach youth as they progress through level of service by identifying obstacles to living independently, obtaining employment, obtaining education, and in developing support social and recreational activities. Chart and record services rendered. Collect data relevant to progress of youth across goals. Demonstrate ability to learn and assimilate knowledge of modern principles, methods, and techniques of administration and program planning and implementation. Demonstrate effective work habits to include, but not limited to the following: time management, initiative role, role modeling, leadership, organizational skills, attendance and punctuality.


-Must be at least 21 years old.
-Satisfactory work as determined by the Human Resource Department
-Demonstrated skills in planning and implementing and coordinating health promotion strategies
-Good understanding of health behavior theories, practices, risk, and implementation practices
-Ability to meet Marc driver eligibility requirements -Clear 39 month MVR
-Physical requirements; ability to stoop, stand, bend, twist, lift, push, pull, and walk
-Knowledge and enthusiasm for health and wellness is highly preferred

$15.00 per hour


Success Stories - Darlene Fitzpatrick

Success Stories – Darlene Fitzpatrick

Success Stories - Darlene Fitzpatrick

Darlene has successfully graduated the Community Transition Partners Program!

She was enrolled while inpatient at St. Luke’s Behavioral Health. Since her discharge she was assisted by the Community Transition Partner’s team and her clinical teams to locate safe affordable housing (more…)

Success Stories - Mary Mershon

Success Stories – Mary Mershon

Success Stories - Mary Mershon

We have our first success story of the Community Transition Program! Mary entered the CTP program on 12/30/14. Her peer support in the CTP program spent time with her while inpatient building rapport, and participated in her discharge planning (more…)