First Choice Values

Marc Community Resources, Inc. adheres to a set of core values that incorporates compassion and professionalism – we call these principles “FIRST CHOICE.”


Flexibility We provide flexibility, change, innovation and creative ways to meet customer needs.
Independence We provide services that promote independence, self sufficiency and recovery.
Respect We recognize the worth, dignity and rights of all people.
Safety We contribute to safe, healthy and accident free living and service environments.
Teamwork We enrich our lives and the lives of others by working together and helping one another.

Customer We listen to the customer express their wants and goals. We understand how they define quality. We respond to their needs, and we actively engage the customer to achieve their goals.
Honesty We do what we say; we maintain the highest ethical standards; we are transparent and accountable for our actions.
Outcomes We frequently measure agency and customer outcomes to ensure that agency performance, program quality and customer satisfaction are the highest possible.
Improvement We share ideas and focus on continuous improvement in all aspects of agency operations and service delivery.
Compassion We genuinely care about our coworkers and the people we serve.
Excellence We are proud of our efforts, and we deliver the highest quality products and services to our internal and external customers.